Climbing up and down iota hills, my toes scratch these multifarious
minerals which dwell in seemingly disorganized colonies, leasing to our lexicons as

Barefoot, they overhear them grey grits attempting to only whisper in
clinks and clanks – however, distracted by the landing of my feet, their words
louden up a bit over the brim – the reason, a rough term for sieved figures,
and the currencywise royalty which
characterize and define size as cognizant both from the optics of a single
symbol of singularity and the ubiquitous uberty of a sum.

Whether size is voluminous
or imperceptive to the naked eye, doesn’t their appreciation bulk together
owing more so to the concentration of quantity – which from a dissipation
equation is equal to infinite, no matter how much countable they may, in
fact, be – over-electric and the strength they battery up, given the diversity
of atomic thoughts and behaviors that cling up, grouping whole fractals to form
fractions of another whole?


We may always search or be touched by the perennial, adverse
– are they really? – forces of attraction and repulsion. Yet, however distant
in magnificence and magnitude, or in apparent share, or place in space,
pebbles, peoples, planets, and the full range of plurals interfere in as much both in individual lives and still lives.


About Bernardo Bolt Gregori

Bernardo Bolt Gregori is a poet who has recently moved to the countryside where he is ecstatic to learn from the birds and squirrels and bushes various abstract and obstupefactive ways of dwelling and swelling as a human. A solipsist serendipitist more concerned with his better half than his worst multiple, he’s a hundred per cent one third fleece, one third shears, and one third sweater. Publications? Tuesday Shorts, Flashshot, Daily Love, 3am Brazil, among many others. BLOGS: bernardoboltgregori.wordpress.com bernardoboltgregori2.wordpress.com
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